Walk on the Wild Side at T.O.P Adventures

Walk on the Wild Side at T.O.P Adventures

Find new hiking adventures with friends in the Parachute and Glenwood Springs, CO areas

If you're looking for hiking adventures in Parachute, Colorado, you want to visit T.O.P Adventures. Instead of paying a large fee to hike Hanging Lake Trail, which is often crowded, you can explore our beautiful seven-lake hiking trail. Along the way, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor sports, such as paddleboarding, mountain biking and kayaking.

Create new hiking adventures by visiting our trails today.

Create an all-day adventure

Our hiking trails offer more than just walking. You can enjoy all kinds of different activities along the way. To explore our trails, you will:

  • Take a shuttle to the trailhead for a fee if $5
  • Hike the eight-mile loop and explore the sights
  • Engage in outdoor activities along the way
  • Arrive at your original spot for pickup

Ready to explore our outdoor hiking trails in Parachute, Colorado? Visit T.O.P Adventures today.